Taita Taveta WIldlife Forum

Taita/Taveta Wildlife Forum (TTWF) came into being in 2000 when the local landowners realized the need to join hands in order to address the rampant Human-Wildlife conflict in the region, environmental destruction and the quest for benefit-sharing from Tsavo National Park.

It is a Community Based Organization operating in the Tsavo ecosystem and a membership organization. It was incorporated as a Trust under the Perpetual Succession Act Cap 264 of the Laws of Kenya in March 2003. It is governed by 9 elected Trustees drawn from its administrative zones – Voi, Wundanyi, Mwatate and Taveta.


These are the long-term projects that TTWF is undertaking/would like to undertake. Some of these projects have received support intermittently, while others are yet to attract any funding.

  1. Reconnecting poverty-alleviation to biodiversity conservation in Kenya’s Eastern Arc Mountains. Darwin Initiative through University of Kent – DICE. 2014-2017. see www.facebook.ttwforum for frequent updates.
  2. Boulengerula niedeni. This has received support from Rufford Small Grants, Zoological Society of London, IUCN SOS, BBCWF, WorldVision Voi ADP and USFWS through National museums of Kenya.
  3. Restoration of Sagalla forest for the conservation of the critically endangered caecilian Boulengerula niedeni. This has received support from Rufford Small Grants, Zoological Society of London, IUCN SOS, BBCWF, WorldVision Voi ADP and USFWS through National museums of Kenya.
  4. Enhancing indigenous Forest Connectivity in Taita Hills for Biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement. This has received support through Rufford Small Grants, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, and National Geographic Trust Fund.
  5. Ensuring wildlife corridors and wildlife dispersal areas are conserved and remain intact in the lowlands of Taita Taveta County.
  6. Gemstone mining – Taita Taveta is one of the Counties in Kenya that is rich in minerals. The aim is to assist the small-scale miners to be able to access good market in order to realize tangible returns.
  7. Ranch/Range Management – Taita Taveta County is made up of large ranches. Most of the members of TTWF are shareholders in the ranches. TTWF is working closely with the Taita Taveta Ranchers Association and Kenya Wildlife Service in developing conservation programmes that will assist the ranch owners to efficiently operate and manage their resources for optimum benefits/profits.

In the forum, there are different kinds of expertise that can be tapped to be able to form a consultative group that ensure that the available resources in the community are used to create value and still reducing on their negative effect to the environment and the community at large.

Eco-Tourism – the concept has been well embraced in Kenya. Many destinations are now practicing sustainable tourism to ensure that the destinations maintain their natural environment and have less negative impact on the society.

In 2007, TTWF together with the African Wildlife Foundation developed a tourism plan and mostly focused on eco-tourism as one of the income generating activities contributing positively to the environment and the society at large. We now want to implement the plan.

Through eco-tourism, we will be able to open up natural sceneries and key attractive sites to tourists hence earning the community and the organization income. The development of these sites will ensure that tourism has been undertaken sustainably. We are mostly looking into development-based tourism, rural tourism and volunteer-based tourism.

We are inviting like minded individuals and organizations to partner in this endeavor.

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