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Taita TAVETA wildlife forum

Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum is a conservancy based in Taita Taveta County in Kenya. We create a balance between the environment, fauna and flora ecosystem, and human interaction.


Who we are

Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum was incorporated as a Trust under the Perpetual Succession Act Cap 264 of the Laws of Kenya in March 2003. It is governed by 15 elected Trustees drawn from its administrative zones – Kasigau, Central, Taita hills, Tsavo West and Taveta.

Taita Goe hills

What we do

We enhance Habitat Connectivity for Biodiversity Conservation, Catchment Management, Sustainable livelihood, and Sensitization & Advocacy. TTWF ensures that the environment, wildlife, and human balance is met in Taita Taveta.


Support Us

We are looking for people and institutions interested in environmental conversation, wildlife preservation and forestry to join hands with us to create a holistic ecosystem balance.

Lets show you how you can support!

funju hill

Vision: A well managed Tsavo Ecosystem providing benefits sustainably to the local community in Taita and Taveta Districts.

Mission: To conserve the Natural Resources through sustainable utilization for wealth creation to improve the standard of living in Taita and Taveta Districts.

Get Involved

Become a Volunteer

You can volunteer to work at Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum. We offer opportunities to both local and international volunteers.

Support in-Kind

There are various ways that you could support us in Kind. Feel free to get in touch with us and we can direct you accordingly.

Support Financially

We have various projects in our basket that need financial funding. You can help us to implement them by offering us funding.