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This is the News and Events page. You will find the happenings and current affairs of the organization here. Karibu.

TTWF joins the Amphibian Survival Alliance: TTWF has been actively involved in the conservation of the Endangered Sagalla caecilian among other species of interest and the environment in general for a number of years. It recently joined the ASA patnership ( through which we hope to enhance effectiveness.

TTWF Management visits Kent University in UK: TTWF staff (Technical Advisor, Executive Coordinator (ag) and the Darwin Project Manager) visited the Kent University in Cambridge, UK in November 2014 where they met and held discussions with the partners in the Darwin Initiative-funded project. The team held discussions with the Kent University team lead by the Principal Investigator – Dr. Jim Groombridge from Monday to Wednesday and then meetings with the Zoological Society of London (Ms. Helen Meredith, Carly Waterman and others) on Thursday and Friday. These meetings enabled the partners discuss various issues and have a common understanding that would greatly increased efficiency and effectiveness in project implementation.

TTWF Board hosts PELUM-K CEO: The Board of Trustees of TTWF hosted the Chief Executive Officer of PELIM-K Mr. Zachary Makanya in their office in Sofia, Voi. The meeting was held on 22nd September 2014. The meeting that was attended by the Trustees and also TTWF staff discussed various issues aimed at enhancing organisational governance and management, and resource mobilisation among others. The PELUM-K CEO challenged the Trustees to give maximum support to the staff in all aspects in order to ensure that TTWF grows from strength to strength and to provide services to its members.

TTWF hosts the CWG (Country Working Group) of PELUM-K: TTWF hosted the CWG meeting in Voi on 18-19th September 2014. The meeting was attended by representatives from over 20 organisations spread across the country. The meeting discussed various issues that included biodiversity conservation, carbon financing and REDD+, dryland agriculture in the Taita Taveta County and a field visit to Sagalla. The participants of the meeting expressed appreciation for learning about biodiversity and its value in life, a thing that most understood little about and took for granted.

22nd October 2013: Mr John Mlamba officially ceased to be an employee and Executive Coordinator of the Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum. The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees appointed Ms. Carolyne Talu – the Administrative Secretary in an acting capacity while a suitable replacement is being sought.

TTWF joins PELUM (Participatory Ecological Land Use Management): PELUM  is a regional membership organisation with members from 10 African countries. PELUM-Kenya is the local chapter that has about 46 member organisations. The members are civil society organisations registered as PBOs – Public Benefit Organisations (formerly NGOs), Trusts and CBOs. TTWF is currently the only member within the Coast region (formerly Coast Province).

Consolidating indigenous forest connectivity in the Taita Hills for biodiversity conservation Project –  ended on 30th September 2013 after the acceptance of the narrative and financial reports by CEPF and the receipt of the close-out letter.

June-August 2013: TTWF undertakes the development of a Five year Strategic Plan:

As part of the CEPF support, TTWF with the support of Nature Kenya have undertaken the development of a 5 year strategic Plan for the period 2013-2018. Among the Highlights of the Strategic Plan are;

·         Planned rebranding of Taita  Taveta Wildlife Forum (TTWF) to Tsavo Wildlife Forum (TWF)

·         Realignment of administrative Zones with County administrative units (From 5 Zonal Committees to 4 Sub County Committees)

·         Reduced Board of Trustees from 15 to 9 ( 2 representatives per Sub County and 1 special seat representing the marginalized groups)

·         Expansion of programmes

·         Creation of Sub County Volunteer positions to provide grass root membership support

·         Creation of a New Membership register

·         Sub county and Ward level Discussion fora

Nature Kenya staff (Joan Gichuki and Denvas Gekonde) facilitated a workshop for Board and Secretariat members as part of the Capacity building support under the CEPF Grant. During the workshop, TTWF was further supported to come up with;

·         A Board Manual

·         Terms of Reference for BoT and its Committees

·         Conflict of Interest Policy.

June 2013: TTWF participates in the ASDSP Launch at Scripture Mission Voi

TTWF was among the 67 exhibitors during the launch of the Agriculture Sector Development Programme (ASDSP) held on 22nd June 2013 at Scripture Mission Voi. The TTWF stand attracted over 200 visitors including the Governor and Members of the County Assembly of Taita Taveta. The Governor, H.E. John Mruttu praised the conservation efforts of TTWF and pledged his government support. TTWF was able to demonstrate how sustainable livelihoods are tied to environmental conservation. During the event, TTWF was awarded with a certificate by the Governor.

January to Date: TTWF offers Strategic Partner Support to DaBiCo’s CDTF Funded project

TTWF has continued to support Dawida Biodiversity Conservation Group, a site support group it helped in forming in the implementation of the Community Development Trust Funded Taita Hills Conservation project. Highlights of the support include;

·         The training of 10 Eco Guides and registration of the Ngangao Forest Guides Association;

·         The training of 60 men, women and youth in basketry and leather tanning/craft in Vichwala and Ngangao;

·         Identification of degraded forest sites in conjunction with KFS for rehabilitation;

·         Identification of degraded riverine areas in conjunction with respective WRUAs;

·         Training support for CFA and WRUA committees.

TTWF is in the process of undertaking a Baseline survey for the project for purposes of establishment of benchmarks against which project success will be pegged.

May 2013: TTWF Hosts Ms. Helen Meredith from ZSL

Ms. Helen Meredith visited the Sagalla caecilian conservation project for the second time. The staff and the Board of Trustees had a wonderful time with Helen who as always gave the TTWF family a lot of encouragement in continuing with the work that is ongoing and that which is planned. She visited Sagalla and Dawida Hills where she had fruitful discussions with TTWF member groups. She also held discussions with the Secretariat staff in a bid to establish what projects can be designed for future support. During her stay, she also created time to visit the newly opened Mombasa Butterfly House where most of the community crafts and products will be marketed. TTWF welcomes Helen and her colleagues from ZSL to visit Taita again and soon.

April 2013: ANNUAL GENERAL Meeting

TTWF held its AGM for the financial year 2011/2012 on the 6th April 2013 at the Scripture Mission in Voi. The hallmark of the AGM was spearheading the formation of Taita Taveta County Chapter of the NGO Council where the Executive Coordinator, Mr. John Mlamba was nominated as the Secretary. The other officials were Ms. Christine Kilalo as the Chairperson, Mr. Zacheaus Maghanga as the V/Chairperson, Eileen Marami as Treasurer and Jusper Mrutu as V/Secretary. TTWF also offered to provide Secretariat support to the Chapter as it establishes its structures.


Two TTWF members of staff, John Mlamba and Joseph Mwanyalo attended a 1 week training workshop on GIS organized by ICIPE through the CHIESA project in Wundanyi. The course was facilitated by the University of Helsinki’s Taita Research Station and attended by participants from Kenya and Tanzania.

  • TTWF Hosts CEPF and Mac Arthur Foundation Officials from 2-4 October 2012: Mr. John Watkin, the Grants Director of CEPF, Jorgen Thomson and Stephanie Platz of Mac Arthur foundation visited the Taita Hills Forest Connectivity project where they toured Ngangao forest for sightings of the Taita endemics and visited the Taita Honey Market place, Chawia Environment conservation group and the Shigharo Butterfly farmers. It was the first time that officials from Mac Arthur Foundation were visiting the CEPF investment in Taita Hills. The staff and Management of TTWF is overly grateful for the continued support and interest of these Conservation Organizations.
CEPF & Mac Arthur Foundation Officials visit the CEPF investment in Taita Hills
  • TWO ECO CLUBS GET A MEMORABLE SURPRISE:  Following the successful completion of the 3 D landscape models by 2 secondary schools, Allan Mjomba and Ngangao and two primary schools, Kungu and Mazola under the National Geographic Support, 50 pupils were gifted with a trip to Tsavo East National Park. The trip was a partnership between TTWF and KWS where the latter waived gate entrance charges and provided its bus to ferry the excited pupils and their patrons. This is an effort to create conservation awareness to school children so as to raise them to become better stalwarts of conservation. The trip was undertaken on the 28th of September 2012
Pupils and teachers of Kungu and Mazola Primary Schools during the tour


  • 25 artisans were recently trained on Bamboo weaving and furniture production in Wongonyi as part of SEED award. The training was conducted by bamboo experts from the Kenya Forestry Research Institute.The training took place from 18th June to 28th June 2012.
Trainees pose with their cerificates upon completion of training
  • TTWF supports 4 small scale farmers to attend a “come and See” workshop held in Embu in February/March under the aegis of TIST (The International Small Groups & Tree Planting Program). As a result many farmers have now joined the program where they will plant trees and eventually earn ‘carbon credits’. This is a new cash crop for our farmers and a sure way of encouraging tree growing. For more information log on to
  • TTWF feted in Pretoria South Africa as one of the 35 SEED AWARD WINNERS for 2011. The Executive Coordinator, Mr. John Mlamba received a certificate on behalf of the initiative Partners, the Kenya Forest Service, Taita Taveta Zone and RONGO Water Resource Users Association. The event took place from 28th March to 1st April 2012.

The Executive Coordinator at the SEED Award Gala

  • TTWF hosts Mr. John Watkin, The Grants Director, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) from the 15th to 16th April. The Grants Director visited some of the activities being undertaken under the Taita Hills Forest Connectivity Project and planted an endemic tree seedling, Milletia oblata near Ngangao Natural Forest.

Mr. John Watkin plants a tree next to Ngangao Forest

  • The Kenya Wildlife Service, Tsavo Conservation Area held a two day workshop aimed at developing a Community Wildlife Management Strategy on the 17th and 18th April at the Galaxy Hotel in Voi. TTWF will sit in the technical committee selected to harmonise the draft Strategy.

1.       New Projects:

  • TTWF is currently implementing the project, “Consolidating Indigenous Forest Connectivity in the Taita Hills for Biodiversity Conservation” through funding by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund. The project is set to run for 2 years with the start date being August 2011 and projected end by date July 2013. As a result, TTWF has since recruited Mr. Humphrey Mwambeo as the Project Coordinator who will be based at the Wundanyi Office. An induction workshop was successfully held in Wundanyi on 16th December 2011. The activities will be implemented closely with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) among other agencies.
  • TTWF jointly with Nature Kenya successfully assisted Dawida Biodiversity Conservation Group (DaBiCo) to apply for funding to the Community Development Trust Fund through the Community Environment Facility to the tune of KShs. 28 Million. The project was officially launched on 24th January 2012 at the Werugha Multipurpose Hall. Interviews for Project Manager and an Accounts Assistant are currently underway. Government agencies including KFS, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock Development, Ministry of Fisheries, County Council of Taita Taveta and the Provincial Administration, among others will be involved in the implementation of activities.

2.      The Sagalla Conservation Project supported by ZSL and BBC Wildlife Fund The Sagalla Conservation Project has entered a new phase supported by ZSL and BBCWF. The project has a new Project Officer, Mr. Joseph Mwanyalo Mzozo following the departure of the previous officer Mr. Josphat Mwandigha who joined KenGen at the beginning of the year. TTWF wishes Josphat success in his new posting and welcomes Joseph to the TTWF family. Alutta continua.

3.      TTWF receives an International Award: TTWF has finally been feted internationally after being crowned as one of the 2011 SEED Award winners. Its initiative titled “Promoting bamboo as a craft and technology application with a view to saving Taita Hills Forests” which seeks to relieve pressure to Taita Hills Forests by providing alternative sources of construction material was picked among 89 nominations as one of the 35 ultimate winners. TTWF hopes that trade in bamboo will become an important source of employment and income. As a result The Executive Coordinator, Mr. John Mlamba, is scheduled to Travel to South Africa in March 2012 to attend the Award Gala.

4.      Taita Taveta Farmers to start Benefiting from Carbon Trade: TTWF recently sent four community representatives from Taveta; Taita, Mbololo/Mwambirwa and Sagalla Hills to attend a two weeks “come and see” seminar organized by TIST ( The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program) in Meru with a view to introducing the concept to small scale farmers in the County. Already, TTWF has held two introductory meetings in Sagalla and Rong’e Juu in a bid to create awareness and rally local support. The programme involves farmers forming groups of 6-12 members drawn from atleast three different households that in turn join to form a cluster (30-60 groups). The representatives are already conducting a series of awareness campaigns and have set 10thMarch as the deadline to have registered atleast 30 groups each. The representatives are;

  1. Mr. Elisha Mwarimbo, Sagalla Hill
  2. Mrs. Judith Mwandoe, Mbololo/Mwambirwa Hill
  3. Mr. Noel Mtuweta, Taita (Dawida) Hills
  4. Mr. Francis Itamano, Kitobo in Taveta



A New Team to Run Conservation Programmes in Tsavo Ecosystem.

The Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum held its Annual General Meeting on 30th July 2011 at the Voi Scripture Mission premises in Sofia, Voi. 50 persons representing various ranches and groups participated. The highlights included reading of the minutes of the last AGM, presentation of the progress and technical report by the Chairperson, presentation of a financial report by the Treasurer, and the holding of elections for new officer bearers. Among the major achievements of the year were; successful implementation of projects, construction of an office block, success in new grants (BBCWF, Rufford Small Grants and National Geographic Trust Fund), Hosting of the Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service and a study tour.

The following were elected to the Third Board of Trustees that will serve for a term of two years.

1) Eng. Elijah Mwandoe – Chairperson

2) Mr. Reuben Mwaluma – Vice Chairperson

3) Mr. Colman Mwiwawi – Secretary

4) Mr. Francis Itamano – Vice Secretary

5) Mrs Phenny Samba – Treasurer

6) Mr Martin Mwakio

7) Mr. Stephen Ngure

8) Mrs Gladwel Mjomba

9) Mrs Maria Elias

10) Mr. Samuel Chawana

11) Mr. Elisha Mwarimbo

12) Mr. Raymond Mnene

13) Dominy Lenjo

14) James Mzungu

15) Noel Mtuweta

Catch them Early for Effective Inculcation of Environmental Conscience.

We have endeavoured to apply various approaches to create awareness and inculcate environmental conscience in our future generation. Among the approaches applied include the local naming of the Sagalla Caecilian competition which came up with the Kilima mrota, school tree planting days, preserved specimens, school talks by project staff and visiting scientists, laminated images of the Sagalla Caecilian, and digging up of live Caecilian individuals. The following photograph depicts the message passed across – the link between continued existence of the Sagalla Caecilian and the native vegetation (see the happy smiles of the girls). Isn’t this infectious?

Sagalla Caecilian individuals encountered during tree planting and a seedling of Croton megalocarpus ready for planting. Were the caecilian individuals coming to witness the event?

Zoological Society of London Officers visit TTWF and the Community. Miss Helen Meredith and Dr. Raj Amin visited TTWF and the field where it works. The areas visited include Sagalla (where Helen met the Sagalla Community Forest Association officers), Taita hills (Ngangao, Wesu and Chawia forests) and later Taveta (Lake Jipe, Kitobo forest, Njoro Kubwa and St. Teresa Women Group). Among the discussions held, was how to assist TTWF to grow and be able to champion conservation in the region. The visit took place from 18th to 26th June 2011. A discussion to wrap-up the visit was held on 25th June 2011 in the forum office. The participants included Miss Helen Meredith (ZSL), Dr. Raj Amin (ZSL), Shadrack Ngere (KWS), Carolyne Talu (TTWF), Dawson Mwanyumba (TTWF), Josphat Mwandigha (TTWF), John Mlamba (TTWF) and James Mwang’ombe. In general, there was concensus that, despite the challenges facing TTWF – especially in terms of funding, it had done a good job and needed support to continue carrying on. ZSL pledged to provide as much assistance as possible to TTWF in fundraising and technical support. It was also encouraged to foster closer working links with institutions such as Kenya Wildlife Service among others that it relates with. Among the immediate activities or actions agreed upon were (1) the development of a project proposal for Taita Hills to apply for the IUCN SOS funding opportunity, (2) the development of a project proposal for Sagalla Hill targeting the Darwin Initiative, and (3) explore other donors/development supporters to support areas such as Taveta.

TTWF Annual Report 2009/10

You can view and download TTWF annual report for years 2009/2010. Click Download