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Sustainable livelihood

This program involves the following:

1. Facilitation of Partnerships Between Investors and Ranches

2. Promotion of alternative income generating activities

3. Promotion of Community-Based Tourism in Taita district. In 2007, we developed a tourism plan for Tsavo and Amboseli ecosystems together with the African Wildlife Foundation. Completed in 2007. Its activities include:

(a) Tsavo Amboseli Tourism Area Plan.
(b) Partnership with Mlilo Community Tours and Safaris Co. LtdĀ  ( www.mliloecotravels.comĀ ) to handle marketing and booking of clients etc.

4. Promotion of aloe vera and bio-fuel farming.

5. Butterfly farming, bee-keeping, silkworm rearing, curio promotion etc.

6. Fish farming